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X3D::Sound Class Reference

#include <libx3d/dev/include/tree.h>

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Public Attributes

SFVec3f f_direction
SFFloat f_intensity
SFVec3f f_location
SFFloat f_maxBack
SFFloat f_maxFront
X3DMetadataObject f_metadata
SFFloat f_minBack
SFFloat f_minFront
SFFloat f_priority
SFNode f_source
SFBool f_spatialize

Member Data Documentation

SFVec3f X3D::Sound::f_direction

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_intensity

SFVec3f X3D::Sound::f_location

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_maxBack

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_maxFront

X3DMetadataObject X3D::X3DNode::f_metadata [inherited]

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_minBack

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_minFront

SFFloat X3D::Sound::f_priority

SFNode X3D::Sound::f_source

SFBool X3D::Sound::f_spatialize

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