X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset

A free X3D library

The first package of libx3d is coming up... it's version 0.1, it works, it just isn't complete (far from it!). You can however build on it yourself, and of course, you can share your code so it gets integrated in the main tree. Note that this version has many bugs I'm sure, especially the XML write command does not save the parent/child information yet. I wrote the project and it compiles well under Debian Linux. It should work on must Linux distributions and if that matter, pretty much any Unix platform. I will later try to compile it under MinGW.

X3D libraries is a project which includes the following libraries and tools:

  • pointer -- a smart pointer library (one header file)
  • libx3dbase -- X3D data handling, includes all the basic types, processors, etc.
  • libx3dxml -- an XML loader and writer
  • libx3dgl -- the OpenGL rendering engine using libx3dbase data
  • x3dcvt -- a tool to convert 3D data files from one format to another

Later, I hope to offer a few examples and also find the time to add more format support (VRLM, OBJ, RAW, ...) and more rendering engine (D3D, make sure that Mesa can be used, etc.)

Note that the licenses change depending on the directory you use. Everything in the utilities is licensed under BSD. What is under base, io and render is LGPL, that's the libraries! The tools are GPL. And finally, the (future) examples will be GPL too.

This is just the start, if you are a developer and need an X3D implementation and this one feels like the one you want to work with, please, email me and we can work together! The X3D specification is a huge undertaking and this library won't be complete that fast if no one helps...

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