X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset


Welcome to the DTD tree. The tree was generated by dtd2tree. It reads a DTD and generates a set of files showing all the elements and their attributes and linking them all together.

The list of attributes is one page listing all the attributes of all the elements. It links back to the elements.

You can browse one huge file with all the elements and their attributes: X3D dtd (one page). This requires quite some memory so I suggest you avoid using this page unless you have 512Kb of RAM or more (the HTML is a file of nearly 1.5Mb with 10,027 links at time of writing.)

How did I could the links?! Well... dtd2tree could do it, but at this time it doesn't so I used the following expr + grep + sed command under Linux. Much fun to write!

	expr `grep 'href="' X3D/X3D.html | sed -e 's/href/%/g' -e 's/[^%]//g'
		-e 's/%%%%%%%/7 + /' -e 's/%%%%%%/6 + /' -e 's/%%%%%/5 + /'
		-e 's/%%%%/4 + /' -e 's/%%%/3 + /' -e 's/%%/2 + /' -e 's/%/1 + /'` 0

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