X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset

The following defines the requirements in order to compile and use the X3D libraries.

First some information about the projects.

  • In order to rebuild everything, you will need the documentation coming with libx3d (see here: X3D Specification.) There is a script (dev/extract-nodes) and a parser (utilities/src/html-to-header.c++) which reads the HTML files from the X3D abstract ISO-IEC-19775 and the DTD file. Out of those, it generates the base/include/x3d/objects.h, base/src/objects.c++ and each base/src/obj_<letter>.c++ files. These files represent the complete handling of the X3D dataset.
  • You will need a multi-pass compiling process if you want to regenerate everything. This is because the Makefile.am need to be complete at the time you create the configure script. Yet in libx3d, you need to generate many files in the base to handle the dataset in a way as efficient as possible. And these being dynamically created the Makefile.am loses a bit... it would need to also be dynamic. Okay! You won't have to worry about that if you just use the existing files.

Here is a list of the libraries which are required with libx3d.

  • fltk 2.x (for the x3dviewer)
(1) Note that under Debian as of Nov 23, 2005, I had to recompile libxml++-2.6 to be able to use it without it crashing.

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