X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset

libx3d -- The fastest X3D dataset library around

Version 0.1

This library handles all the nodes defined in the Part 01 of the X3D specification ISO/IEC 19775:2004 as available at the Web3D Consortium.

The library is mostly auto generated using the HTML and DTD pages as defined by the consortium. I made some additions and changes in order to get it all to compile.

In order to regenerate the source files for this library, you first will need to compile the utilities/src/html-to-header.c++ file and extract all the nodes with the dev/extract_nodes bash script. This works great under Linux and I will not try to compile these on other systems for now.

All the nodes are not documented in the source since all the raw and very good documentation is available in the X3D specification. Instead, you will have a link for each node back to the X3D specification. Click on the link to read all about the different fields.

Clicking on the links to read the X3D specification gets you outside of the libx3d documentation. Either make sure to open it in another window or tab, or use your back button to come back here.
What you want to read about is the SFNode. That is the most important class defined in this library.

You may however want to start by reading the documentation about the fields: SFBool, SFDouble, SFFloat, SFInt32, SFColor, SFColorRGBA, SFImage, SFRotation, SFString, SFTime, SFVec2d, SFVec2f, SFVec3d, SFVec3f.

Alexis Wilke