X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset


There are several licenses covering the libraries, tools and utilities of the libx3d project. The following list gives you an highlight. To know exactly, you should read the LICENSE file in the different directories. Also, each file will itself include a license to be doubly sure!

  • Libraries (LGPL -- base, io, render)
  • You have to make public all the changes that you make to the libraries. The easiest is to either email us the changes (alexis_wilke at users sourceforge net) or post them on SourceForge.

    You can use all the libraries in a closed commercial application without releasing your code. However, if you make changes to the library, the source code of the library still needs to be publicly available either on your website, sent to us or on the medium sold with your product.

  • Tools (GPL -- tools)
  • The tools are licensed under the GPL. This means you have the right to sell them as long as you sell the source code along with them. All changes to the source code will therefore always be available to everyone.

  • Utilities (MIT -- utilities)
  • All the utilities are defined under the MIT license. This means you can do whatever you want with that code. In general, it will be very specialized code for the libx3d library environment and thus probably not very useful anyway (thought, it includes an implementation of smart pointers, and that can be really useful!).

    The dev directory is only available in the dev package. Also, it mainly includes scripts to handle the different files in the project and the original libx3d documentation.

  • Development (GPL/LGPL/FDL -- dev)
  • The development directory includes many scripts which help in creating files dynamically without having to do it by hand all the time. The scripts are licensed under the GPL.

    The development directory also includes files which are used as templates. A script or another will modify and save these templates in the proper directory. For instance, there is the dev/base_Makefile.am file. It is used to re-generate the base/Makefile.am file dynamically after the dev/extract-nodes was run. The makefile template is treated by the dev/create_base_makefile script and saved in the base directory. This specific file is licensed under the LGPL since it is viewed as part of the base libx3d sub-project and that sub-project is under the LGPL. You can know that by editing the file and you will see the LGPL license at the beginning of the file.

    Next you have the documentation and the website. All of these files are part of the documentation and are licensed under the FDL. Again, inside dev you have a few files, such as the header (dev/header.html) which are part of the documentation and thus are licensed under the FDL.

    WARNING: There is an exception to the documentation. The libx3d project includes documents from the Web3D consortium. These are Copyrighted by Web3D Consortium, Inc. The libx3d does not license these files in any way. You can find the original on the Web3D website.

    A few files do not have any specific license (such as dev/NOTES.txt, dev/CHANGES.txt, dev/INSTALL.txt). This is not code nor real documentation.

At this time there are several copyrights on the libx3d package.

  • Source, headers, scripts, documentation
  • The source code and header files, scripts except what is defined under dev/html/overlib, and the documentation except what is defined under dev/html/ISO-IEC-19775-X3DAbstractSpecification/ and dev/xml is the copyright property of Made to Order Software Corp.

  • The X3D specification
  • The X3D specification (under dev/html/ISO-IEC-19775-X3DAbstractSpecification/) and XML definitions (DTD and XSD under dev/xml) is the copyright property of Web3D Consortium, Inc. Note that some of these files in this package have been mofified. All my changes appear in red, in general with an explaination. Also, you can look at the errata page for a list of the changes I made.

  • overLIB
  • overLIB is a library of javascript functions to display tooltips over links. This is a copyright by Erik Bosrup.

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