X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset

x3dio::Stream Member List

This is the complete list of members for x3dio::Stream, including all inherited members.

Append(const char *name)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Close()=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Create(const char *name)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
IsOpen(void) const =0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Open(const char *name)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Read(void *buf, size_t size)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Seek(long offset, int whence)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Update(const char *name, bool create=true)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
Write(const void *buf, size_t size)=0x3dio::Stream [pure virtual]
~Stream()x3dio::Stream [virtual]