X3D libraries
The libraries to work with X3D dataset

x3d::JUSTIFY Namespace Reference


bool MFStringToMValue (SFInt32 &value, const MFString &str)
bool MValueToMFString (SFInt32 value, MFString &str)


static const int FLAG_BEGIN = 0x00000001
static const int FLAG_DEFAULT = 0x00000010
static const int FLAG_END = 0x00000002
static const int FLAG_FIRST = 0x00000004
static const int FLAG_MIDDLE = 0x00000008

Function Documentation

bool x3d::JUSTIFY::MFStringToMValue SFInt32 value,
const MFString str

bool x3d::JUSTIFY::MValueToMFString SFInt32  value,
MFString str

Variable Documentation

const int x3d::JUSTIFY::FLAG_BEGIN = 0x00000001 [static]

const int x3d::JUSTIFY::FLAG_DEFAULT = 0x00000010 [static]

const int x3d::JUSTIFY::FLAG_END = 0x00000002 [static]

const int x3d::JUSTIFY::FLAG_FIRST = 0x00000004 [static]

const int x3d::JUSTIFY::FLAG_MIDDLE = 0x00000008 [static]