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x3d::FieldInfo Struct Reference

The structure used to get and set field values (see also the get_ and set_ functions). More...

#include <node.h>

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Public Attributes

union {
   void *   f_any
   MFBool *   f_MFBool
   MFColor *   f_MFColor
   MFColorRGBA *   f_MFColorRGBA
   MFDouble *   f_MFDouble
   MFFloat *   f_MFFloat
   MFImage *   f_MFImage
   MFInt32 *   f_MFInt32
   MFNode *   f_MFNode
   MFRotation *   f_MFRotation
   MFString *   f_MFString
   MFTime *   f_MFTime
   MFVec2d *   f_MFVec2d
   MFVec2f *   f_MFVec2f
   MFVec3d *   f_MFVec3d
   MFVec3f *   f_MFVec3f
   SFBool *   f_SFBool
   SFColor *   f_SFColor
   SFColorRGBA *   f_SFColorRGBA
   SFDouble *   f_SFDouble
   SFFloat *   f_SFFloat
   SFImage *   f_SFImage
   SFInt32 *   f_SFInt32
   SFNode *   f_SFNode
   SFRotation *   f_SFRotation
   SFString *   f_SFString
   SFTime *   f_SFTime
   SFVec2d *   f_SFVec2d
   SFVec2f *   f_SFVec2f
   SFVec3d *   f_SFVec3d
   SFVec3f *   f_SFVec3f
field_t f_name
field_t f_type

Detailed Description

The structure used to get and set field values (see also the get_ and set_ functions).

Member Data Documentation

void* x3d::FieldInfo::f_any

union { ... } x3d::FieldInfo::f_data

MFBool* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFBool

MFColor* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFColor

MFColorRGBA* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFColorRGBA

MFDouble* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFDouble

MFFloat* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFFloat

MFImage* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFImage

MFInt32* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFInt32

MFNode* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFNode

MFRotation* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFRotation

MFString* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFString

MFTime* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFTime

MFVec2d* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFVec2d

MFVec2f* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFVec2f

MFVec3d* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFVec3d

MFVec3f* x3d::FieldInfo::f_MFVec3f

field_t x3d::FieldInfo::f_name

SFBool* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFBool

SFColor* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFColor

SFColorRGBA* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFColorRGBA

SFDouble* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFDouble

SFFloat* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFFloat

SFImage* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFImage

SFInt32* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFInt32

SFNode* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFNode

SFRotation* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFRotation

SFString* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFString

SFTime* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFTime

SFVec2d* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFVec2d

SFVec2f* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFVec2f

SFVec3d* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFVec3d

SFVec3f* x3d::FieldInfo::f_SFVec3f

field_t x3d::FieldInfo::f_type

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